What’s going on in Belarus?

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For the past two days, my entire country has been protesting against the rigged elections of Aug. 9th, 2020. After suffering systematic repression for the past 26 years under the authoritarian regime of President Alexander Lukashenka, the people of Belarus are demanding their voices be heard.

Belarus citizens, who are peacefully protesting to demand an accurate vote count are now being met with riot police using stun grenades, tear gas, and rubber bullets. The Lukashenka regime has cut internet access, arrested protesters and independent journalists, and tried to muzzle foreign observers. These are not the actions of a political leader confident that he has won a fairly conducted election.

Two days after the election, at least 2 people are dead, hundreds injured and thousands detained. There is still no internet access in the whole country.

Today Belarus has declared a national strike; nobody is going to work, indefinitely. Our demands are simple: stop the violence against peaceful and unarmed protesters, free all innocent people, and wrongfully detained political prisoners, remove Lukashenko from his post and hold re-election without his candidacy.

Belarusians are one of the most peaceful nations in the world, but my people are fed up with injustice and continued oppression, and we need the world’s support. Freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, basic human rights must be upheld.

Stand together with us against Europe’s last dictator! Spread the word!

Free Belarus!

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